Lighthouse Locator

Lights of the Lakes includes portraits of over 60 different Great Lakes lighthouses. The lighthouses showcased in the program are located on the shores and islands of Lakes Superior and Michigan.

The map below shows the approximate location of each lighthouse in the program. Zoom out to see the whole map. When you select a pin, a popup appears, providing the name of the lighthouse, the longitude and latitude (GPS coordinates) and a “More details” link which will take you to a page on my companion site That page includes photos and more information about that lighthouse.

Lights of the Lakes is a visual tour which starts in the northwest corner of Lake Superior and follows the Minnesota shoreline down to Duluth. From there, we travel to Wisconsin’s Apostle Islands, then to Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. Next, the tour travels along the southern shore of Lake Superior, visiting several land-based and offshore light stations.

After leaving Lake Superior, Lights of the Lakes visits many of the lighthouses in northern Lake Michigan, stopping at several of the islands along the way. From there, we travel through Wisconsin’s Door Peninsula, visiting those lighthouses. Finally, we come down the west side of Lake Michigan, seeing lighthouses from Algoma to Milwaukee.


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